Year of Project: 2011

Duration of project: 3 months

Final Studio Thesis Project

Instructor: Catherine Dowling

Advisors: Colin Ripley, David Lieberman

insideout soundwalk is using sound as its primary medium to create a renewed sense of consciousness, aesthetic insight and imagination.As part of the final independant studio, I designed a heaphone-navigated soundwalk for the Ryerson School of Interior Design. The goal was to re-gain connection with the existing spaces around us and to heighten the sensitivity of our ears upon returning to outside world and to change the way we listen. Walking the designated paths, words as sounds are given to guide and to engage the senses of smell, touch, and sight, in addition to hearing. The walk consisted of layers of narrative with stories, interesting historical facts, interviews, interrupting them with noise, sounds and conversations of passersby. In the making process, I employed different media and techniques such as creating a journal of daily experiments and dreams, as well as an aural sketchbook of various environmental sounds and noises.