Year: 2014


Exhibition: To be Destroyed

Site: N/A

Budget: N/A

Team: Society of Homo Ludens


The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art’s (MOCCA) recent exhibition, entitled To Be Destroyed (TBD), proposed that the definition of a museum is not fixed but rather “to be determined.” By asking, “what is a contemporary art gallery?” the exhibition questions our fundamental assumptions concerning the role and importance of museums in society and their associated architectural forms. Our proposal was selected by a renowned jury and was on view September 5 to October 25, 2014.


What if every neighborhood had a MOCCA? If the city could walk, its museums would travel the world, meet new people and experience different cultures. But cities don’t walk and museums are rooted for most of their lives. In light of MOCCA’s search for a new home and to challenge the conventional role of exhibition spaces within fast-growing cities and places we inhabit, Society of Homo Ludens introduces “MOCCAX”, a series of roving exhibitions and places of negotiation utilizing idle spaces that rea subject to major transformation. 


The City of Toronto issued 2,407 demolition permits in one year*, for buildings all across Toronto to be destroyed. 

*(2014),TorontoBuilding–Improving the quality of building permit, pg. 20,