New York: The Endless City

My recent visit to NYC was inspiring and I got to revisit some old and new sites as it is relevant to the kind of projects that Space Animator is engaged with at the moment. If you are an urban explorer, below are a few hidden gems that you can experience on your next visit.



Hidden sound installation by Max Neuhaus in the midst of chaotic and overwhelming Times Square. Originally installed in 1977, the sound art is a rich harmonic sound texture emerging from beneath the subway grating, resembling the after-math of a gong bell. Be patient, trace this static noise in contrast with the rapid changing visual environment of Times Square.

sound layers-new york-7.jpg

Direction: North end of the triangular pedestrian island located at Broadway between 45th and 46th Streets in New York City. Opens 24hours a day, 7 days a week.


Instructions: download the audio and image files to prepare for your walk. When you arrive to the starting point, put on your headphones and listen to the audio tracks. Save the photos to your phone or print for your soundwalk journey.

Starting point: 59th street W and 6th Ave
A digital archive of supporting materials for "Her Long Black Hair" is available through the links below. After you've downloaded the audio material into your iPod/iPhone/MP3 player, print the image files below or open them on your mobile phone while you're at the Park.

Art is woven into the fabric of New York city and it doesn't take much to absorb its endless quality... I spent most of my time on High Line observing people and reading. In his book Milan Kundera talks about the beauty of New York and how the view changes with each step,

"as if they were following a winding mountain path surrounded by breathtaking scenery: a young man kneeling in the middle of the sidewalk praying; a few steps away, a beautiful black woman leaning against a tree; a man in black suit directing an invisible orchestra while crossing the street; a fountain spurting water; strange iron ladders running up and down buildings with ugly red facades, so ugly that they are beautiful; and next door, a huge glass skyscraper backed by another, itself topped by a small Arabian pleasure dome with turrets, galleries, and gilded columns. ... Sabina was very much attracted by the alien quality of New York's beauty. Franz found it intriguing but frightening; it made him feel homesick for Europe."  __The unbearable lightness of being by Milan Kundera