What makes you a Canadian? We are more than we’ve ever been. This place we call Canada is now the home to over 36 million unique voices who are dispatched to build this country together.

Where is our common ground? What unites us? Divides us? Where are we going? And what make you feel like you can relate to this massive land and its people between sea and shining sea?

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We're extremely honoured to be in company of so many great creatives to animate DXI 2016, in support of the Design Exchange. Also, thrilled about this year's honouree, Tyler Brule of Winkreative, Monocle and Wallpaper Magazine. Charles Bombardier recently named 'The Most Innovative Person in Industrial Design' is this year's Honourary Chair. Join the gala to experience installations by SPACE ANIMATØR, RAW Design, Sarah Kennleyside and Joe Clement. 

Project team: Gelareh Saadatpajouh, Victoria Taylor, Cassandra Alves, Nicole Tarasick, Markus Doerr, Armita Ghasabi, Jay Ding

Graphics: Nicole Tarasick