A PLATFORM TO...a new commission by ====\\DeRAIL Platform for Art + Architecture

A PLATFORM TO…  is a limited edition book commissioned by ====\\DeRAIL Platform for Art + Architecture that features ====\\DeRAIL’s 2017 two public art commissions on the West Toronto Railpath. The book documents ====\\DeRAIL directors’ ongoing journey as emerging cultural producers to push the definition of public art, to critique and reshape current planning processes, and to identify new opportunities in public landscapes that go beyond the purely functional to create places (and experiences) that better reflect the life, identity and aspirations of a particular place.

In a commissioned essay by art curator/critic Rebecca Carbin and in a series of images by photographer/filmmaker Martin Reis, A PLATFORM TO… captures a unique moment in time to document the transformation of three decommissioned monitoring wells into a place for the public to PLAY, to REWIND, to PAUSE, to RECORD and to share new experiences. During 2017,  ====\\DeRAIL invited two artists to consider the theme of pause along the West Toronto Railpath - to draw people into an experiment that would inspire new ways of understanding a familiar place beyond its usual functionality. Using the idea of pause as a critique on the singular A to B movement of the active mobility corridor, our program invited audiences to consider how we might think differently about our city and our shared public landscapes: to pause, to listen, to observe and to imagine new creative possibilities for the various nodes and niches along the West Toronto Railpath.

====\\DeRAIL 2017 included two commissions Pause Platforms, a series of three, 8ft diameter wood and raw steel platforms inspired by the design concept proposed by Andrew Jones and fabricated by Marek Kubat, and “We Pause At Twilight”, a place-specific, participatory audio-choreography created by Cara Spooner.

Numbered edition of 100.

The book is available to purchase at Art metropole in Toronto and CCA in Montreal.

DeRAIL 2017 Book July 2 2018_Martin Reis 20072.JPG
DeRAIL 2017 Book July 2 2018_Martin Reis 20070.JPG