Year of project: 2013 - 2014

Location: West Queen West Triangle, Toronto

Type: Self guided walks

Partners: DIALOG, Spacing, Toronto Green Community, Lost Rivers, David Olsen, Time and Desire

Team: Society of Homo Ludens & STUDIO JAYWALL


Recipient of the Grow Op Jury’s Choice award. Sponsored by: Brook Mcllroy Inc., Claude Cormier + Associès Inc., DTAH, The Planning Partnership and PMA Landscape Architects Ltd.

Toronto is a city becoming, very well known for its diverse population and its fast growth, yet there is little connection between the two. Most neighborhoods are growing independent of each other and the people who live, occupy and use them. The majority of world’s population now lives in urbanized environments and it is essential for any community to understand the wealth of possibilities that these places have to offer. Simple excursions and temporary appropriation of leftover and underused spaces can excel a community in building a collective identity. The urban environment is dense with people, objects and artifacts, and the future cities will be defined with even more proximity of people and places. Space or lack of space will be a dominating factor in shaping our identities in the city and we think these identities will be more interesting if we learn, and practice how to befriend our places of living and take an active role in defining and shaping them.

SITE VISIT: West Queen West, Toronto

December 2012