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  • SPACE ANIMATØR Toronto Canada (map)

PLACE(MEANT) is a public exhibition in a century old private home curated by Gelareh Saadatpajouh with artist in-residence Lauren Runions.

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When does a space becomes a place? What is our relationship with private and public places in our everyday life? What are the ways to blur the boundary between the two in our ever changing cities? How are our daily routines shape our sense of place? How do we move from one place to the other in response to varying conditions of daylight, night time and activity within the spaces we occupy throughout the day?

The place becomes a definition for the space. Placement is the activity. With every placement/alteration which occurs new meaning is suggested. In turn, this meaning suggests further placement. Placement of ourselves within a space, placement of objects within the same space.

During the 24 hour artist residency –Dawn-to-Dawn– Lauren Runions explored “placement” inside the house, while Gelareh Saadatpajouh wandered the surrounding streets. They established a form of connection -a silent language- between inside and outside through a series of photo and video documentation, live streaming, text, drawings, tastes, sound recordings and olfactory discoveries.

For one-day only you are invited to step inside their curious minds as thinkers, observers and producers to learn about the many facets of their 24 hour exploration together, yet alone.

RSVP required. The exhibition starts at dawn (7:10am) on January 25, 2018 and it runs until 11:16pm.

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Photo Credit: Lauren Runions, Dawn-to-Dawn Residency