Year of Proposal: 2015

Role: Co-Curator

Site: Canadian Pavilion in Venice

Team: PARTISANS, Society of Homo Ludens, After School, Hans Ibeling


Society of Homo Ludens partnered up with PARTISANS Architecture, After School and renowned architectural critic and theorist Hans Ibeling in a groundbreaking effort to bring the condominiumization of Canadian culture to Venice. Entitled “An Iconic Address” the exhibition seeks to explore the ramifications of rapid densification in unbridled planning departments and younger cultures such as Canada’s. 

Toronto and many other Canadian cities are undergoing an urban transformation, density is improving the liveliness of our cities, but the towers we build are monotonous. More so, our municipalities are negotiating with developers to take up the cultural slack, by providing new space for our cultural institutions.

The rules for tall buildings in Toronto especially are failing us as citizens to create a city or skyline we are proud of to leave to future generations. The exhibition and podium matrix is just one of our solutions, stop worrying about the towers and start being concerned with the ground plane, lets create an experience of the city at its street level. Lets encourage a playful and ambitious use of architecture that blurs the traditions of what acceptable architecture can be in order to create a dream for our collective enjoyment. 


Renderings by PARTISANS