Year: 2013

Site: Ward 20, Toronto

Centre of Labyrinth: Alexander Wilson Community Garden

Tools: Stencil, Paint Spray, Sound Recording Box, 8 Channel Speaker 

As part of Nuit Blanche 2013

Role: Sound Artist

Collaborators: Farsan Farahani, Shayan Javan


Every day thousands of people experience Queen Street West while walking their way to a shop, biking a route back home, in their car driving to a destination or as they simply cruise the city in a street car. Other than some dubious activities there are very rare reasons for visitors to deviate from the well-manicuredv and decisive east-west line of the street that connects city center to the west end. 

To break away from the linear experience of the street, Society of Homo Ludens proposes a labyrinth that runs through the flesh and skin of the city (interior and exterior of buildings) the labyrinth suggests a contemplative yet easy to navigate path between these contrasting faces.

The unexpected discovery of ‘center’ is the reward to patience of navigators and their adventurous undertaking At the ‘center’ of the labyrinth, every participant finds themselves an essential part of a collaborative installation created together with others.


Over 300 people entered the soundbox and followed the path to the centre of the labyrinth.

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